I love my essential oils & energy cleansing smudging kit. Quick delivery too. Alice, B. (London)


MIND TO BODY STUDIO is your one-stop shop for all things wellness. We carry a wide range of essential oils, smudging supplies, and health and beauty products. We have something for you whether you want to improve your physical or spiritual well-being. 

Taking care of your mind, body, and spirit is essential for a happy and healthy life. 


    Amazing products and such a great quality! Everything arrived in eco-friendly packaging and the delivery was super quick.


    I bought Essential Oils Starter Kit for my friend on your birthday and she absolutely loved it! Amazing scents, nicely packaged. Thank you.


    Absolutely loved my Smudging Kit. Palo Santo and the sage makes my house smell so good. Also thanks for the quick delivery.

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  • Holly H. - London

    OMG! Absolutely in love with my plant-based Lavender Incenses! Much recommended!

  • Beatrice B. - Leigh

    I bought some Palo Santo wood sticks for purification and to bring new positive energy. They are beautiful in their packaging! The sticks were great quality, nice and thick with just the perfect amount of smoke.

  • Farah S. - Bristol

    I bought some candles the other day, and they're great for meditation use. You just light one up each night before bed, relax by it for 10-20 minutes, then blow it out when you're done. I've had them on my coffee table since I got them and they look really nice!

  • Sarah W. - London

    I came across Palo Santo Essential Oil and I couldn't believe how wonderful it smelled! Not only does this essential oil make the perfect meditation aid because of its pure smell and deep woodsy aroma, but also can be added to my diffuser to help with anxiety or mild depression.

  • Gary A. - Leeds

    I was looking for a product perfect for meditation and peace. I came across these candles and can say they smell so good, not too strong but just right. They give off the perfect amount of light leaving you in such a blissful state, as well as setting an impeccable atmosphere to help with your meditation practice.

  • Grace D. - London

    I loved my palo santo sticks. I used them every day to cleanse the energy in my home and to bring in positive vibes. 

  • Jennifer F. - Bath

    I loved smudging sage. The smell of the herbs was soothing, and I always felt so good after I finished. 

  • Alice V. - London

    What a perfect addition to my guasha! Loving my new face roller!

  • Dolly R. - Glasgow

    I purchased the magical palo Santo woodsticks which are beautiful in their packaging with very high-quality wood. I have never felt so energized after getting my room negative energy cleaned!

  • Kelly G. - Manchester

    I'm addicted to this smudging kit! Also got some essential oils, can't wait to try!

  • Catherine F. - Bath

    OMG! I never thought I will fall in love with Palo Santo! Just received my incenses and absolutely loving them. Also want to try Palo Santo Wood sticks and essential oils!

  • Dave T. - Devon

    This white sage is one I would recommend to anyone who enjoys burning incense or Palo Santo as they want something both high quality but also affordable!

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