anapana meditation for your children

Anapana Meditation for Your Child

Who says that meditation is only for adults? Today, even children can do meditation. Times are changing at a swift pace. Even children are prone to stress and depression, and they are too young to take many medications. One great alternative is to find an appropriate meditation method for your child.

Through a doctor's visit, your child's problem can be identified. Some doctors will readily express that your child is a good candidate for meditation. But since they are still too young to do meditation independently, you must look for a guided meditation that will suit your child.

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Children are easily discouraged by lengthy sessions, and that is why almost all of the meditation courses offered for children are only for a day. If your child is 8 to 12 years old, it's pretty easy to find an organization or institution that offers such courses on meditation. You can try to search online and see if you can find one near your locality. You can also ask friends and relatives if they know of a particular meditation course offered exclusively for children. Your child is a precious gift from God. So it is essential to aid them in their meditation.

There are several meditation techniques, but it's best to select the Anapana meditation. It's a mental purification process that's achieved by self-observation. This is the right time to train your child mentally.

Anapana meditation is just the very first step in Vipassana meditation practice. This involves the observation of your natural respiration, inhalation and exhalation. This step can help your child in mental concentration. Aside from that, this technique can also calm your child and help your child understand himself better and how your child's mind works. Your child can develop inner strength to help him choose the appropriate and proper actions over the wrong ones. Anapana meditation can provide your child with the right tool to face up to anxieties, fears, and childhood pressures. 

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You can significantly expect your child to have a strong interest in meditation and self-introspection. This can also help open a new dimension in their life that will be of great value in the future and maybe one that they can use for as long as they live.

Your child will truly become a much better person. Through Anapana meditation, your child's mind will be stronger, and they will avoid saying or doing harmful and hurtful things to other people. If your child possesses mind's strength, they will be more peaceful and feel happier.

Make sure your child follows the instructions given for the course duration. There are specific codes of conduct for your child. Anapana meditation is an excellent foundation for your child. You must provide proper support for your child to learn quickly.



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What is Meditation?

In meditation, you learn how to pay attention to your breath as it goes in and out and notice when your mind wanders from this task. This practice of returning to the breath builds the muscles of attention. Read more here.

Why do you need to meditate?

Even though meditation is not a cure for all the problems you might have, it certainly can make your life a lot easier and less stressful. For instance, with meditation, you can understand your pain, lower your stress, connect with your mind, improve your focus and reduce brain chatter.

Can I learn meditation on my own?

Yes, of course, you can learn how to meditate independently. Start by understanding what meditation is and how it works. Reading meditation books or listening to guided audio meditations is a great start. There you can learn how to focus and calm your mind by using basic techniques that are easy to follow. 

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