yoga basics what is yoga yoga and meditation why practice yoga yoga basics techniques asanas and poses

Beginners Explore the World of Yoga Meditation

Yoga refers to the unity of the body and mind and agreement of the mind and soul. People believe that gaps between the actual bodies and ideal bodies increase. This is because of two primary reasons: lack of exercise and unhealthy diets leading to diabetes and obesity. 

The practise of Asana through Pranayama can bring flexibility to the body, calmness to the mind, and balance. This can provide basic training with some simple asanas. Five simple points need to be followed: Proper Breathing; Proper Exercise; Proper Diet; Positive Thinking and Mediation; and Proper Relaxation. 

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Yoga meditation can give people something that nothing else can, and the individuals are introduced to their different levels. Yoga meditation can bring calmness, tranquillity of the mind, better health, better life, better relationships, personal insights, spiritual insights, philosophical insights, and a true sense of wellness. 

Numerous studies have revealed that yoga meditation can significantly affect the musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, and circulatory systems. Using specific yoga postures can assure well being because it taps the body into the wisdom of self-healing. Yoga can also build flexibility, balance, and strength without any injury risk common to fitness activities and high impact sports. Yoga meditation can reduce stress and boost immunity which is always associated with most chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. Beginners can explore the world of Yoga as long as they have the tools needed to stay in good condition, and they can always enjoy the yoga benefits. 

Hatha Yoga is one meditation structure, and each posture and breathing practice is considered a meditation form. Practising this for about an hour can help people feel relaxed, and this could be an excellent meditation practice. 

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The asanas, compared to various forms of exercise, are entirely different. These are typically done with fast movement and within specific amounts of strain. Activities can accelerate breathing, waste energy, and draw circulation on the body's surface. In the end, it develops the muscular parts of the body. This means that the vitality goes with the muscles at the cost of the internal nerves and glands. 

According to the Founder of the Yoga teaching, Sri Bhagavan Patanjali, asana, in literal meaning, is a posture that brings comfort and steadiness. So, asanas must be practised with extreme comfort and ease. 

The cleansing method of Yoga called NETI-nasal cleansing is an effective technique yet the simplest. Neti can work wonders for allergies, several asthma cases, and chronic sinusitis. The effect is remarkable for hay fevers, an infection on the upper respiratory tract. 

In the United States, there are more than 40 million sufferers of sinusitis. Most of them fail to be cured by antibiotics, and Jalaneti or neti is the best method of treating sinuses naturally. 

Neti is excellent for people wanting to quit smoking. The tendency for breathing through the mouth is reduced, and the nose is resensitized by neti on concrete pollution of smoke ingestion. Yoga meditation is beneficial for achieving a great body.



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What is Meditation?

In meditation, you learn how to pay attention to your breath as it goes in and out and notice when your mind wanders from this task. This practice of returning to the breath builds the muscles of attention. Read more here.

Why do you need to meditate?

Even though meditation is not a cure for all the problems you might have, it certainly can make your life a lot easier and less stressful. For instance, with meditation, you can understand your pain, lower your stress, connect with your mind, improve your focus and reduce brain chatter.

Can I learn meditation on my own?

Yes, of course, you can learn how to meditate independently. You can start by understanding what meditation is and how it works. Reading meditation books or listening to guided audio meditations is a great start. There you can learn how to focus and calm your mind by using basic techniques that are easy to follow. 

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yoga basics what is yoga yoga and meditation why practice yoga yoga basics techniques asanas and poses