chakra meditation chakra stones chakra crystals

Chakra Balancing, Cleansing and Healing Meditation

When the body, mind, and spirit work harmoniously together, the results are awareness, well being, and balanced thought. Nothing can beat the feeling of being healed on all levels, which can be achieved through a healing meditation.

Healing meditation reprograms negative thoughts that cause diseases or illnesses to become positive and desires to achieve wholeness and health. Your perception of the image does not matter. Most people see themselves through their eyes, and some imagine the ongoing process happens in all parts of their body. Others may accept that whatever they imagine happens to them in reality. Regardless, you participate actively in the process of healing. 

chakra meditation chakra stones chakra crystals

Among the most accessible forms of healing, meditation is the Chakra System. The effects are pretty profound. The patient's chakras are the centre of importance during the healing process. Your body has 7 major chakras (Chakra System) and a lot of less-significant minor chakras. They are considered energy centre points, wherein energy flows and the body's energy junctions. These are the energetic connections to your spiritual essence and pure consciousness. The chakra's energetic operations make every part of your body, emotions, mind, and spirit possible. 

Every chakra or primary energy centre is a distinctive character corresponding to a unique part of your life. These are energy patterns shaped like whirlpools or funnels of energy. Follow these guidelines using the Chakra System. 

1. Like other meditation postures, Chakra recommends you sit in a straight position. Lay your feet flat on the floor with uncrossed legs. Put your hands on your lap, exposing your palms. 

2. Let a sapphire blue or white light surrounds you. You can also ask for the help of guided meditation or other meditation practitioners to assist you during the process. 

3. The Chakra Center has cabinets containing the Chakra Plates. Every plate has a diameter of six inches, similar to a dessert plate's size. 

chakra meditation chakra stones chakra crystals

Starting with the Root Chakra's cabinet, remove the Chakra Plate. Check for breakage, discolouration, or chips. Since it's the Root Chakra's cabinet, the plate must be a bright red, corresponding to the Chakra's colour. If the plate has no damage, make it shine better clockwise before returning it to the cabinet. 

5. Repair any cracks if possible; if not, dispose of them. Replace it with a brand new Chakra plate, then make it shiny before placing it in the cabinet. Continue the procedure until all the Chakras are finished. This is also the point where you can thank all the people who have assisted you in the cleaning process. Never forget that thanking them is not only showing your good etiquette but also appreciating their goodness and patience with you during the healing meditation process. 

Healing meditation can change your condition. But to obtain successful results, it needs regular practice. So, achieve true healing using the Chakra System.


Frequently asked questions 

What are the 7 raw chakra stones?

There are stones that correspond to each of the seven chakras, known as raw Chakra Stones. Each stone vibrates at a specific frequency, which helps to clear and align the energy within that chakra. The seven raw chakra stones are:

1. Root Chakra Stone: Red Jasper
2. Sacral Chakra Stone: Carnelian
3. Solar Plexus Chakra Stone: Citrine
4. Heart Chakra Stone: Rose Quartz
5. Throat Chakra Stone: Blue Lace Agate
6. Third Eye Charka Stone: Sodalite
7. Crown Charka Stone: Amethyst

How do you charge a Crystal?

Charging a crystal is simple. You need to hold it in your hand and visualise light flowing into it from the universe. You can also say a prayer or invocation while charging the crystal. Some people like to use crystals for healing, so they often program the crystal with intent or outcome.

How often should I charge my crystals?

There is no “right” answer to this question as it depends on the person, the type of crystals, and the intention or purpose of the crystals. However, a good rule of thumb is to charge your crystals regularly (at least once a week) by either leaving them in sunlight or moonlight or using a crystal charging method such as Reiki or energy work.

Crystals are natural conduits for energy, and they can absorb and store energy very quickly. Therefore, it’s essential to regularly cleanse and recharge your crystals to keep them energetically clear and balanced. This will help to ensure that they continue to serve their intended purpose effectively.

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