Chakras & Singing Bowls: What, Why, How?

Chakras & Singing Bowls: What, Why, How?

Chakra singing bowls are an excellent tool for meditation. They have been used in Buddhist traditions for hundreds of years and have recently gained popularity in the West because they can guide your thoughts or soothe you during practice like yoga/meditation! 

chakra singing bowls

The healing power of sound can be found in many different forms, including the soothing sounds produced by singing bowls. The notes on these sacred instruments have been known to heal chakras with their natural vibration patterns. Chakras are invisible energy centres throughout our bodies which play an essential role when it comes down to balancing out emotions or feelings like happiness versus sadness; they also serve as a point for the spiritual connection between ourselves within mind-body fundamentals while spiritually practising mindfulness meditation technique alongside other practices such as visualisation & manifestation. You can read more about Chakra Healing here.

What are the Benefits of Singing Bowls on Chakras?

There are many benefits that singing bowls can have on chakras. When a singing bowl is played, it creates a vibration that can help to clear and balance the chakras. This is because the vibration of the singing bowl helps to stimulate and energise the body's energy centres, which in turn helps to clear any blockages and restore balance.

Chakra singing bowls can also help raise consciousness and promote spiritual growth. The singing bowl's vibration can help open up the third eye and crown chakras, which allows for more profound levels of meditation and spiritual awareness. Additionally, the singing bowl's sound can help connect one with their higher self and with other dimensions.

Chakras & Singing Bowls: What, Why, How?

What Types of Singing Bowls Correspond to the Different Kinds of Chakras?

Chakra singing bowls correspond to a particular chakra, and each type of singing bowl is said to activate a different chakra. Using the traditional Buddhist system of correspondences, the highest-pitched singing bowls would be associated with the Crown Chakra. The lower-pitched singing bowls would be related to the Root Chakra. Other traditions might associate different pitches with different chakras.

1. Root Chakra Stone: MULADHARA (Red)
2. Sacral Chakra Stone: SVADISTHANA (Orange)
3. Solar Plexus Chakra Stone: MANIPURA (Yellow)
4. Heart Chakra Stone: ANAHATA (Emerald Green)
5. Throat Chakra Stone: VISHUDDHA (Pale Blue)
6. Third Eye Charka Stone: AJNA (Indigo Blue)
7. Crown Charka Stone: SAHASRARA (Violet)

Chakras & Singing Bowls: What, Why, How?

How to Align or Heal Chakras with Singing Bowls?

When balancing one or more chakras, singing bowl therapy is an excellent tool. This form of meditation has been proven as a beneficial way for those who are just starting in their spiritual journey with no experience whatsoever through experienced practitioners--to realign themselves at home base by listening to sound waves that travel deep inside us.

How to Use a Chakra Singing Bowls

Chakra singing bowls can be a great way to help open and balance your chakras. To use a chakra singing bowl, sit comfortably and hold the bowl in one hand. Gently tap the side of the bowl with the other hand to begin creating a vibration. Once the vibration is established, start circling the bowl around your body, starting at the feet and moving up to the head. As you circle the bowl around your body, focus on each of your seven chakras and allow the bowl's sound to help open and balance them.



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Can I learn meditation on my own?

Yes, you can learn how to meditate independently. Reading meditation books and listening to guided audio meditations will be an excellent start. You can learn to focus and calm your mind by using basic techniques. 

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