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What are the Benefits of Yoga for Babies?

In addition to so many yoga for babies e-courses, there are a growing number of classes offered at local yoga studios. When a baby can't stand, you might wonder how they can practice yoga and how it can benefit them.

Baby Benefits Yoga Style

Babies never stop moving, and many of those movements are designed to alleviate discomfort. When your baby arches their back, they may be trying to relieve gas pain. These natural movements are mimicked in yoga and can be preventative.

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Better Health

Some studies have indicated that baby yoga can help prevent future ailments like irritable bowel syndrome. Similar studies have shown that there can be an improvement in their immune function, thus helping to prevent colds and viruses, which means less stress and more sleep for you!

Better Sleep

Exercise helps improve the quality and quantity of sleep for people of all ages, and it's true for babies as well. If your baby is struggling to sleep through the night or not getting the quality sleep they should be, consider trying yoga.

Muscle Strength and Development

Baby yoga is performed with the assistance of an adult. You'll manipulate your baby's body to help position them into specific poses. These movements help strengthen their muscles and aids in development and coordination. 


There will undoubtedly be some bonding if you're working with your baby during the yoga sessions. You'll pay attention to your baby's cues, touching your baby, which fosters oxytocin release and enhances bonding and learning to connect. It may be one of the most significant benefits.

Mental Stimulation

As your baby's body is moved into various poses, they'll be making powerful mind-body connections. These connections are mentally stimulating, and the bonds will carry them into their childhood and beyond. It teaches them to be aware of their body and enhances the learning process.

Special Considerations

Because you're working with a young baby, special care needs to be taken. The movements should be slow and gentle. Young babies need head and neck support, and soft spots need to be protected. Additionally, if your baby has tight ligaments and joints, extra care needs to be taken. 

Pay special attention to your child during yoga sessions. If they look uncomfortable or unhappy, release the pose. Additionally, baby yoga isn't designed for 60-90 minute sessions like it is for an adult, and fifteen minutes is a reasonable time frame to aim for.

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Baby yoga can provide several benefits for both baby and parent. Your little one may carry what they learn into their life. Imagine doing yoga with your teenager! It can and does happen.



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Frequently asked questions 

When can a baby do yoga?

Any type of gentle stretching is acceptable for babies, but actual baby yoga classes are usually designed for babies from 6 weeks onwards. Babies tend to get head control and are ready for movement activities at this age. 

Is baby yoga safe?

A short answer is yes, but care should be taken when performing yoga with babies. Don't go too fast, as muscle and joint injuries can happen if the activity is done too rigorously.

Is yoga suitable for toddlers?

Yoga is a beautiful way to increase toddlers' coordination, self-esteem and confidence while stretching and strengthening their bodies. As they are still tiny to follow the instructions and do proper yoga poses, most toddler yoga classes will focus on moving the body, making shapes and starting to balance.

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