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  • Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle - Cleansing Clear Quartz - Obelisk Bottles. Inside we put gemstone obelisks, angels or chips. Choose from cleansing clear quartz, relaxing amethyst, rejuvenating rose quartz, invigorating red jasper or determined tiger's eye. Edit alt text Edit alt text  Edit alt text
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Ancient Wisdom

Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle - Invigorating Red Jasper - Obelisk

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There are many benefits to using a crystal-infused water bottle. Crystal water bottles can help to energize and purify your body with their high frequency. They can also help to improve your mental focus and concentration, as well as help reduce stress levels. Crystal water bottles are also said to promote better sleep and reduce fatigue. If you want to improve your health and well-being, then a crystal-infused water bottle is a great way to do it.


Red Jasper is an extremely powerful stone that has a very invigorating effect on the wearer. It is known for its ability to increase vitality and stamina and boost the immune system. Additionally, Red Jasper is said to help treat disorders of the blood and circulatory system. It is also believed to be beneficial in treating digestive problems and skin issues. In addition to all of these physical benefits, Red Jasper is also said to help stimulate the mind and promote creative thinking. It is also believed to help reduce stress and anxiety and promote calm and relaxation. Overall, Red Jasper is an incredibly powerful stone that can profoundly impact the wearer’s health and well-being.

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500 ml

Weight: 475g

H24.5cm X W6.5cm X D6.5cm   


Stainless steel screw lid. Neoprene cover to insulate and protect.

NOTE: Food safe. Recommended to be used with water only.

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